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Les Métamorphoses (French Edition) by Ovid

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Les Métamorphoses (French Edition) This cohesive collection of stories from Greek and Roman mythology recounts tales of recorded transformations Comprised of over fifty stories it chronicles the legends of King Midus Daedalus Icarus Hercules and the Trojan War making this the definitive work of classical mythology


Metamorphoses from Greek meta and morph meaning changes of shape is a Latin narrative poem in fifteen books describing the history of the world from its creation to the deification of Julius Caesar within a loose mythico historical framework Completed in AD it is recognized as a masterpiece of Golden Age Latin literature br br This cohesive collection of stories from Greek and Roman mythology recounts tales of recorded transformations Comprised of over fifty stories it chronicles the legends of King Midas Daedalus Icarus Hercules and the Trojan War

The Art of Love

De los cl sicos de la literatura Ovidio nos deleita con una l rica que habla del m s puro de los sentimientos El arte de amar Con este libro Ovidio nos ofrece en forma de poema unos consejos para obtener el amor de una mujer para poder conservarlo asimismo da consejos a las mujeres sobre el adecuado comportamiento hacia los hombres Utilizando ejemplos de la literatura latina Ovidio nos dice qu es el amor por primera vez tratado como un sentimiento humano Cuenta con tres partes que llevan de la mano al lector en un paseo a trav s del m s complejo de los sentimientos br br Publio Ovidio Nas n aC dC es uno de los autores que mayor influencia ejerci en la literatura y en la vida de Roma y permanece actual a lo largo de los siglos por ste y por otras obra eternas como Las metamorfosis y Remedios del amor


In the twenty one poems of the Heroides Ovid gave voice to the heroines and heroes of epic and myth These deeply moving literary epistles reveal the happiness and torment of love as the writers tell of their pain at separation forgiveness of infidelity or anger at betrayal The faithful Penelope wonders at the suspiciously long absence of Ulysses while Dido bitterly reproaches Aeneas for too eagerly leaving her bed to follow his destiny and Sappho the only historical figure portrayed here describes her passion for the cruelly rejecting Phaon In the poetic letters between Paris and Helen the lovers seem oblivious to the tragedy prophesied for them while in another exchange the youthful Leander asserts his foolhardy eagerness to risk his life to be with his beloved Hero

Tales from Ovid: 24 Passages from the Metamorphoses

div A powerful version of the Latin classic by England s late Poet Laureate now in paperback When it was published in i Tales from Ovid i was immediately recognized as a classic in its own right as the best rendering of Ovid in generations and as a major book in Ted Hughes s oeuvre The i Metamorphoses of Ovid i stands with the works of Homer Virgil Dante and Milton as a classic of world poetry Hughes translated twenty four of its stories with great power and directness The result is the liveliest twentieth century version of the classic at once a delight for the Latinist and an appealing introduction to Ovid for the general reader br div

The Erotic Poems

This collection of Ovid s poems deals with the whole spectrum of sexual desire ranging from deeply emotional declarations of eternal devotion to flippant arguments for promiscuity In the Amores Ovid addresses himself in a series of elegies to Corinna his beautiful elusive mistress The intimate and vulnerable nature of the poet revealed in these early poems vanishes in the notorious Art of Love in which he provides a knowing and witty guide to sexual conquest a work whose alleged obscenity led to Ovid s banishment from Rome in AD This volume also includes the Cures for Love with instructions on how to terminate a love affair and On Facial Treatment for Ladies an incomplete poem on the art of cosmetics

Metamorphoses: Volume I, Books I-VIII

The Metamorphoses is a Latin narrative poem by the Roman poet Ovid considered his magnum opus Comprising fifteen books and over myths the poem chronicles the history of the world from its creation to the deification of Julius Caesar within a loose mythico historical framework br br Book I The Creation the Ages of Mankind the flood Deucalion and Pyrrha Apollo and Daphne Io Pha ton br Book II Pha ton cont Callisto the raven and the crow Ocyrhoe Mercury and Battus the envy of Aglauros Jupiter and Europa br Book III Cadmus Diana and Actaeon Semele and the birth of Bacchus Tiresias Narcissus and Echo Pentheus and Bacchus br Book IV The daughters of Minyas Pyramus and Thisbe the Sun in love Salmacis and Hermaphroditus the daughters of Minyas transformed Athamas and Ino the transformation of Cadmus Perseus and Andromeda br Book V Perseus fight in the palace of Cepheus Minerva meets the Muses on Helicon the rape of Proserpina Arethusa Triptolemus br Book VI Arachne Niobe the Lycian peasants Marsyas Pelops Tereus Procne and Philomela Boreas and Orithyia br Book VII Medea and Jason Medea and Aeson Medea and Pelias Theseus Minos Aeacus the plague at Aegina the Myrmidons Cephalus and Procris br Book VIII Scylla and Minos the Minotaur Daedalus and Icarus Perdix Meleager and the Calydonian Boar Althaea and Meleager Achelous and the Nymphs Philemon and Baucis Erysichthon and his daughter br source wiki

The Fall of Icarus

i Drawn on by his eagerness for the open sky he left his guide and soared upwards i br br Enduring myths of vengeful gods and tragically flawed mortals from ancient Rome s great poet Ovid tells the tales of Theseus and the Minotaur Daedalus and Icarus the Calydonian Boar Hunt and many other famous myths br br Taken from Books VIII and IX of Mary M Innes s translation of i Metamorphoses i br br Ovid Publius Ovidius Naso BC AD br br i Little Black Classics i celebrates Penguin s th birthday introducing works from the classics br

The Poems of Exile: Tristia and the Black Sea Letters

In the year A D Emperor Augustus sentenced the elegant brilliant and sophisticated Roman poet Ovid to exile permanently as it turned out at Tomis modern Constantza on the Romanian coast of the Black Sea The real reason for the emperor s action has never come to light and all of Ovid s subsequent efforts to secure either a reprieve or at the very least a transfer to a less dangerous place of exile failed Two millennia later the agonized witty vivid nostalgic and often slyly malicious poems he wrote at Tomis remain as fresh as the day they were written a testament for exiles everywhere in all ages br br The two books of the i Poems of Exile i the i Lamentations Tristia i and the i Black Sea Letters Epistulae ex Ponto i chronicle Ovid s impressions of Tomis its appalling winters bleak terrain and sporadic raids by barbarous nomads as well as his aching memories and ongoing appeals to his friends and his patient wife to intercede on his behalf While pretending to have lost his old literary skills and even to be forgetting his Latin in the i Poems of Exile i Ovid in fact displays all his virtuoso poetic talent now concentrated on one objective ending the exile But his rhetorical message falls on obdurately deaf ears and his appeals slowly lose hope A superb literary artist to the end Ovid offers an authentic unforgettable panorama of the death in life he endured at Tomis


Written after he had been banished to the Black Sea city of Tomis by Emperor Augustus the Fasti is Ovid s last major poetic work Both a calendar of daily rituals and a witty sequence of stories recounted in a variety of styles it weaves together tales of gods and citizens together to explore Rome s history religious beliefs and traditions It may also be read as a subtle but powerful political manifesto which derides Augustus attempts to control his subjects by imposing his own mythology upon them after celebrating the emperor as a Jupiter on earth for example Ovid deliberately juxtaposes a story showing the king of the gods as a savage rapist Endlessly playful this is also a work of integrity and courage and a superb climax to the life of one of Rome s greatest writers

Ovid's Metamorphoses, Books 1-5

One of the most influential and popular works in all literature Ovid s i Metamorphoses i is a weaving together of classical myths extending in time from the creation of the world to the death of Julius Caesar This volume provides the Latin text of the first five books of the poem and the most detailed commentary available in English for these books br br In his introduction to the volume editor William S Anderson provides essential background information discussing Ovid s life the reception of the Metamorphoses during Ovid s day and after and the poem s central issues The Latin text of the five books is Anderson s own edition based on years of study of the surviving manuscripts In the extensive notes that follow the text Anderson offers both useful summaries of the stories and detailed line by line comments br br Unlike other epic poems which concern wars and heroism the Metamorphoses centers on ordinary human beings women as well as men who live in a world of continuous change The first five books which include such well known stories as Apollo and Daphane Diana and Actaeon and Narcissus and Echo deal especially with the relationship between human beings and the gods Arrogant and lustful but all powerful the gods of Ovid s universe selfishly pursue their own pleasures frequently at the expense of their human targets Yet these gods escape unscathed while the humans unjustly are punished Helpless to defend themselves they are changed into animal or nonhuman forms br br A resource for students and scholars of Latin this volume enhances understanding and enjoyment of Ovid s changeable poem about our changeable existence

Heroides, Metamorphoses: Volume I, Books I-VIII, Fasti, The Erotic Poems, Tales from Ovid: 24 Passages from the Metamorphoses, The Art of Love, Ovid's Metamorphoses, Books 1-5, Metamorphoses, The Poems of Exile: Tristia and the Black Sea Letters, The Fall of Icarus