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Title:Just Grace (Just Grace, #1)
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Charise Mericle Harper
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Category:Realistic fiction, Childrens, Humor, Fiction

Just Grace (Just Grace, #1) by Charise Mericle Harper

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Just Grace (Just Grace, #1)

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Fashion Kitty

On her birthday as Kiki Kittie is making her wish a pile of fashion magazines tumble on her head and voila Fashion Kitty is born As such she helps other kittens with their wardrobe dilemmas and with their interactions with their peers The story though seemingly simplistic touches upon a variety of themes including bullying self esteem and family relationships Fashion Kitty is a sassy smart animal who though concerned with haute couture still has substance Primarily illustrated through a variety of pinks and grays in a cartoon style the pictures are artistically appealing and visually spectacular

Still Just Grace (Just Grace, #2)

A fun new boy has just moved in next door to Grace s best friend Mimi When Grace has to go away on a family trip during school she is terrified that when she comes back Mimi will be best friends with Max instead After her trip not only does it seem her fear has come true but Mimi is even friends with the disgusting Sammy Now Just Grace has to team up with two other Graces in her third grade class for a school project including the Big Meanie


Poor Vanilla Cupcake He s feeling a bit drab next to his fancy brothers and sisters But when his new pal Candle comes along with some fresh ideas the two hatch a plan to become the snazziest duo ever found on a plate br br With an undeniably adorable hero and eye catching design i Cupcake i is sure to appeal to the sweet tooth in young readers everywhere

Go! Go! Go! Stop!

One day Little Green rolls into town and says his first word Go The town is building a bridge and now everyone has a job to do from dump truck to forklift Little Green helps them do their jobs with gusto Until there is a little too much gusto They can go go go but how will they stop br br This bright fun book with a bold package captures the endless energy of little boys and the timeless appeal of trucks and machines both for building and knocking down Plus it has an underlying message about working together to get things done

The Good for Nothing Button

Yellow Bird has a button It does nothing It is a good for nothing button Red Bird and Blue Bird are excited to try the button But when they press it they discover that the button makes them happy Happy is something A flabbergasted Yellow Bird insists the button does nothing But it sure does seem to be making him mad Mad is something br The hilarious debate that follows takes readers on an emotional roller coaster that pokes at the power of imaginative play br

Just Grace Walks the Dog (Just Grace, #3)

Everyone s favorite Grace is back And this time she has a dog br Unfortunately he s only made of cardboard and rides a skate board Grace is determined though to prove to her parents that she is responsible and dependable enough to get a real dog br Things you learn in this book br Sometimes it is okay to be sneaky if you don t get caught br How to do flashlight Morse code br What happened at school that was exciting nothing br How it feels to walk into your class after going to the principal s office br Many other things but most important how to convince your parents to MAYBE let you get a dog A real one not one made of cardboard

Dreamer, Wisher, Liar

When her best friend is moving away and her mom has arranged for some strange little girl to come and stay with them Ash who is petrified of change and new people is expecting the worst summer of her life Then seven year old Claire shows up Armed with a love of thrift store clothes and an altogether too sunny disposition Claire proceeds to turn Ash s carefully constructed life upside down br br While every part of Ash s life seems to be disrupted she must protect a carefully hidden secret She has discovered a magical jar in her basement It s a wish jar full of someone s old wishes and it has the power to send her back in time and provide a window into another friendship between two girls Discovering her own connection to the girls story shows Ash that her life is full of surprises and friends she never saw coming

A Big Surprise for Little Card

b Fall in love with a disarming picture book hero in this quirky ode to spirit identity and the joy of having or being a library card b br br In the world of cards each one has a special job to do Big Card keeps important papers in order Tiny Card can be exchanged for a prize in an arcade Round Card hangs out in a glamorous boutique But is any card as lucky as Little Card He s going to school to become a birthday card in other words to sing play games eat cake and be happy all day long i But wait i On the day he s supposed to take his talents into the world Long Card tells him there s been a mix up and they need to trade jobs How can Little Card bring his exuberance into a library a quiet place of books and rules and hushing Offbeat and utterly endearing this tale of a little guy who gives it all he s got is complete with a sweet twist and a surprise ending

Just Grace Goes Green (Just Grace, #4)

Grace can do a lot of things but can she save the planet Or at the very least can she help her best friend Mimi get her favorite stuffed animal back br br Lots of exciting things are happening to Grace and her friends Most exciting of all Mimi s older cousin Gwen is coming to stay with Mimi and Miss Lois s class is GOING GREEN For their green project Grace and Mimi aim to inspire their friends and classmates to conserve plastic bottles But a far more important issue is that Gwen has taken a strong liking to Mimi s favorite stuffed toy Willoughby Just Grace uses her empathy superpower to figure out ways to make her best friend feel better and she makes a difference for the environment too Yard sales toy owls decorated plastic water bottles flaming onion rings and a very entrepreneurial Sammy Stringer make this another winning entry in the JUST GRACE series

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