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Title:Mysterious Ways: A Plan in Place
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Author:Lucy Johnston
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Mysterious Ways: A Plan in Place by Lucy Johnston

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Nineteeth-Century Fashion in Detail

Bringing to life the renowned collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum Lucy Johnston explores the major themes of nineteenth century dress revealing the richness of the period The photographs are richly supplemented by detailed commentary and illustrations

Digital Handmade: Craftsmanship and the New Industrial Revolution

While the industrial revolution of the nineteenth century diminished the role of the craftsperson in the manufacturing process the digital revolution has had a less devastating effect Today s digital technologies have given rise to entirely new working methods skill sets and consumer products that don t eliminate but enrich traditional hand techniques br br em Digital Handmade em presents seventy international designers artists and craftsmen who combine the precision and flexibility of computing and digital fabrication with the skill and tactility of the master artisan to create unexpected and desirable objects and products These pioneers include Louise Lemieux B rub a Canadian artist whose work integrates photography and weaving Australian jewelry designer Cinnamon Lee whose designs explore the relationship between hand and machine and Japanese artists Nendo who produce ceramic pieces that employ both digital fabrication and ancient traditional methods br br br Profiles of the designers explore the unique multifaceted process behind their creations illustrated by lush photographs of the products themselves From affordable jewelry ceramics and lighting to priceless sculpture and textile art these works demonstrate that digital technology can support and enhance artisanal techniques with highly individual and innovative results

The Creative Shopkeeper

Despite many predictions that the internet and e commerce would kill brick and mortar independent retail is far from dead While big chain retailers have suffered through lack of originality new independent retailers are rapidly growing in number rejuvenating neighborhoods across the world Flexible pop up shops are becoming an increasingly popular and effective strategy not only for kickstarting new businesses but also for energizing established brands br br br To catch the attention of busy customers passing by and to build an engaging shopping environment that stands out from the competition the savvy shopkeeper needs to get creative and can do so on a budget br br br This timely book features the best and most beautiful independent retail spaces from around the world which combine marketing savvy with interior design Organized by themes Props Icons Navigation Choice Journey Discovery Craft Process Edit Abundance Staging Scenery Highlights Lowlights Glimpses Visions Gestures Details and Digital Graphic the book presents a dazzling spectrum of case studies and offers highly imaginative and cost effective solutions for this increasingly popular area of design


Shoes have always captured the imagination and communicated the priorities and ambitions of the wearer In the reign of Henry VIII exaggerated shapes and wide toes were footwear s reflection of the aggressive social climate of court while engravings of Queen Victoria show impossibly narrow slippers worn in pursuit of nineteenth century ideals of daintiness Contemporary shoe styles continue to challenge our inherited notions of beauty and status br br br After a general introduction illustrated chronological chapters retrace the history of footwear from the Middle Ages to today featuring shoes and boots that once belonged to both anonymous and famous men and women from battered old chimney shoes hidden away for good luck to the elegant styles of the Renaissance from Elizabethan mules to the first stilettos A detailed glossary bibliography and index conclude the book

Mysterious Ways: A Plan in Place

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Esther's Best Recipe Book:

No description available

Structuring Doctoral Education

In order to better understand opportunities challenges and innovations in doctoral education we argue for further work and greater focus on the impact of the reform over the last two decades on the quality and characteristics of research training In particular we call for a focus on policy governance and management the impact of the changes at program level and how the structuring and professionalization of doctoral education affects the supervisor supervisee relationship Many of these questions currently remain unanswered and some are not even widely posed

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