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Title:Thirteen (The Winnie Years, #4)
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Lauren Myracle
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Category:Realistic fiction, Middle grade, Romance, Young adult, Childrens

Thirteen (The Winnie Years, #4) by Lauren Myracle

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ttyl (Internet Girls, #1)

Audacious author Lauren Myracle accomplishes something of a literary miracle in her second young adult novel i ttyl i Internet instant messaging shorthand for talk to you later as she crafts an epistolary novel entirely out of IM transcripts between three high school girls p Far from being precious the format proves perfect for accurately capturing the sweet histrionics and intimate intricacies of teenage girls Grownups and even teenage boys might feel as if they ve intercepted a raw feed from Girl Secret Headquarters as the book s three protagonists identified by their screen names SnowAngel zoegirl and mad maddie tough their way through a rough and tumble time in high school Conversations range from the predictable clothes the delicate high school popularity ecosystem boys boys in French class boys in Old Navy commercials etc to the the jarringly explicit the girls discuss female ejaculation some girls really do tho i read it in our bodies ourselves and the unintentionally hilarious Maddie s IM reduction of the Christian poem Footprints oh no my son no no no i was carrying u don t u c p p But Myracle s triumph in ttyl comes in leveraging the language stretching idiom of e mail text messaging and IM Reaching to express themselves the girls communicate almost as much through punctuation and syntactical quirks as with words SnowAngel cuz drumroll please ROB TYLER is in my french class breathes deeply with hand to throbbing bosom on friday we have to do une dialogue together i get to ask for a bite of his hot dog p p Myracle already proved her command of teenage girl ness with i Kissing Kate i but the self imposed convention of ttyl allows a subtlety that is even more brilliant Parents might like reading the book just to quantify how out of touch they are but teens will love the winning satisfyingly dramatic tale of this tumultuous trio Ages to Paul Hughes p


When her best guy friend falls victim to a vicious hate crime sixteen year old Cat sets out to discover who in her small town did it Richly atmospheric this daring mystery mines the secrets of a tightly knit Southern community and examines the strength of will it takes to go against everyone you know in the name of justice br br Against a backdrop of poverty clannishness drugs and intolerance Myracle has crafted a harrowing coming of age tale couched in a deeply intelligent mystery Smart fearless and compassionate this is an unforgettable work from a beloved author

Kissing Kate

p Kate was Lissa s best friend They ve shared everything for four years Then one night at a drunken party Kate leaned in to kiss Lissa and Lissa kissed her back And now Kate is pretending Lissa doesn t exist Confused and alone Lissa s left questioning everything she thought she knew about herself and about life But with the help of a free spirit new friend Lissa s beginning to find the strength to realize that sometimes falling in love with the wrong person is the only way to find your footing p

ttfn (Internet Girls, #2)

After everything they ve been through together Angela Maddie and Zoe know they ll be friends till the end but sometimes the fates or parents have other plans br With sophomore year and its troubles behind them the winsome threesome is on cruise control enjoying the well earned perks of being sixteen But then Angela SnowAngel gets some seriously bad family news that threatens to change her life forever On top of that Maddie mad maddie decides to let loose her wild side P and Zoe zoegirl struggles to keep a big secret from Angela O Will junior year pull the girls apart just when they need each other most Only their instant messages reveal the full story

l8r, g8r (Internet Girls, #3)

No description available

The Infinite Moment of Us

For as long as she can remember Wren Gray s goal has been to please her parents But as high school graduation nears so does an uncomfortable realization Pleasing her parents once overlapped with pleasing herself but now not so much Wren needs to honor her own desires but how can she if she doesn t even know what they are br br Charlie Parker on the other hand is painfully aware of his heart s desire A gentle boy with a troubled past Charlie has loved Wren since the day he first saw her But a girl like Wren would never fall for a guy like Charlie at least not the sort of guy Charlie believes himself to be br br And yet certain things are written in the stars And in the summer after high school Wren and Charlie s souls will collide But souls are complicated as are the bodies that house them br br Sexy romantic and oh so true to life this is an unforgettable look at first love from one of young adult fiction s greatest writers

Twelve (The Winnie Years, #3)

The only thing more exciting than being eleven is turning twelve Winnie Perry went through a lot when she was eleven from shifting friendships to her teenage sister s mood swings But now that Winnie is twelve and one step closer to being a teenager herself there is so much more to deal with Will her new friendship with Dinah last Can she handle the pressures of junior high And most important will Winnie survive bra shopping in public with Mom br br Bestselling author Lauren Myracle again sharply observes a year in the life of a winning young heroine whose humor daring and compassion for others is infectious and unforgettable br br

Eleven (The Winnie Years, #2)

Meet Winnie age eleven Winnie knows that change isn t all it s cracked up to be especially when it means her best friend Amanda might be dropping her for someone else Throw in a grumpy teenage sister a cat who gets trapped in the wall and a crush who has pinkeye and Winnie decides that the rest of the world can do what it wants but she s going to remain exactly the same But every month brings hilarious adventures and crazy ups and downs A lot can change in a year maybe even Winnie

Thirteen (The Winnie Years, #4)

No description available

Luv Ya Bunches (Flower Power, #1)

What do Katie Rose Yasaman Milla and Violet all have in common Other than being named after flowers practically nothing Katie Rose is a film director in training Yasaman is a computer whiz Milla is third in command of the A list And Violet is the new girl in school They re fab girls all of them but they sure aren t friends And if evil queen bee Medusa scuse me Modessa has her way they never will be But this is the beginning of a new school year when anything can happen and social worlds can collide br br Told in Lauren Myracle s inventive narrative style here a fresh mix of instant messages blog posts screenplay and straight narrative i Luv Ya Bunches i the first in a four book series is a funny honest depiction of the shifting alliances and rivalries that shape school days and of the lasting friendships that blossom from the skirmishes

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