Hotel Babylon

Something strange occurs to guests as soon as they check in Even if in real life they are perfectly well mannered decent people with proper balanced relationships as soon as they spin through the revolving hotel doors the normal rules of behaviour no longer seem to apply br br All of the following is true Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty All the anecdotes the stories the characters the situations the highs the lows the scams the drugs the misery the love the death and the insanity are exactly as was told by Anonymous someone who has spent his whole career working in hotels at the heart of London s luxury hotel industry However for legal reasons the stories now take place in a fictitious hotel known as Hotel Babylon More than a decade is compressed into a day Everything else is as it should be The rich spend money the hotel makes money and the chambermaids still fight the bellboys over a two pound coin It s just another twenty four hours in an expensive London hotel

Air Babylon

Heard the one about the airline that has introduced corpse cupboards on new planes to cope with the number of people who die in the air Heard the story about the First Class air hostess who got fired for sitting on the face of a passenger during a long haul flight Heard about the amount of knickers and false teeth that are left behind in the body of the plane Heard how pissed off stewards put laxatives in your drinks Heard about the pilot who ran out of runway Heard of the disabled passengers who miraculously walk again br br No Then you haven t read i Air Babylon i br br Do you know the best place to have sex on a plane Do you know how to dress for an upgrade Do you know that one drink in the air equals three on the ground Do you know who is checking you in Who is checking you out Do you know exactly what happens to your luggage once it leaves your sight Is it secure Are you safe Do you really know anything about the business that you entrust your life to several times a year br br i Air Babylon i is a trawl through the highs the lows and the rapid descents of the travel industry It catalogues the births the deaths the drunken brawls the sexual antics and the debauchery behind the scenes of the ultimate service industry where the world is divided into those who wear the uniform and those who don t

Fashion Babylon

br What is fashion What is fashionable Who decides what s in and what s out Why is it green one year and blue the next Why is one little black dress worth five thousand dollars and another worth fifty Is the catwalk really that catty What makes a supermodel so super p And a designer too hot to touch Who is making money Who owns whom Who hates whom And who s in each other s pockets The answers are all to be found in i Fashion Babylon i p p Taking the reader through six months in a designer s life it explains how a collection is put together from the objects of inspiration to the catwalk into the shops and hopefully onto the cover of a magazine It examines who goes to the shows and where they sit and whose backside they have to kiss to get there Narrated from the point of view of an anonymous A list British fashion designer looking to break out across the pond and structured around three of the annual must industry events in London Paris and New York this irresistible work of reportage goes inside the well cut seams of the fashion world where women are paid tens of thousands of dollars for simply getting dressed and where a wrong skirt length can cost you your career p p i Fashion Babylon i decodes the markups and the comedowns the fabulous extremes and the shoddy shortcuts behind one of the most lucrative and secretive businesses in the world Witty naughty and packed with celebrity gossip this book will forever change the way you peruse the racks at Bergdorf s or flip through the pages of i Vogue i br p

Beach Babylon

How does it feel to live and work in the world s most beautiful and luxurious tropical island resort surrounded by white sandy beaches and aquamarine seas How does it feel to be in the lap of luxury when you re thousands of miles from anywhere else And when the guests are some of the richest and most demanding people in the world where do you find the energy every day to smile smile and smile again br br i Beach Babylon i takes you behind the scenes at a five star tropical island resort Do all the stories which take place behind the closed doors of the exclusive spa have happy endings What do the world s richest people expect from room service during their fortnight in paradise What does the windsurfing instructor do to keep sane after hours br br In the bestselling tradition of her previous Babylon books Imogen Edwards Jones investigates the rivalries and alliances between the staff at a resort where pandering to the guests most extravagant whims is i de rigueur i With a cast of millionaires celebrities hangers on and prostitutes i Beach Babylon i takes you to a world where extreme luxury is the norm and where excess somehow isn t always enough

Hospital Babylon

Hospital Babylon is an in depth amusing and highly insightful expose of the extraordinary world of modern medicine It will take the reader on a journey through the various departments and wards where babies are made thighs are reduced noses straightened and spare kidneys are flown in from the Indian subcontinent br br We will meet doctors who sleep with nurses Doctors who sleep with patients Doctors who fiddle their insurance forms Doctors who suck fat pump up breasts plump lips and lengthen penises The doctor who specialises in flatulence The doctor who shoots up before he operates Doctor Feelgood who will give you anything and everything you need As well as the doctor who makes a fortune doing buttock enlargements in the Caribbean En route we will discover what touches them what amuses them and quite how obsessively insane you have to be to make it to the top br br Why does a private room cost over a night Who are the people changing your bedpan Holding your hand as you go to sleep What do they do to you while you re out cold Why are drugs so expensive How easy is it for the pharmaceutical companies to grease the good doctor s palm Who exactly is profiting from your illness embarrassing affliction or brand new nose And of course what happens when it all goes wrong br br Packed with true stories anecdotes and revelations Hospital Babylon is a riveting entertaining and shocking look at hours in the life of a British hospital Both amusing and appalling it will make you question whether you should sign that consent form after all

Wedding Babylon

It is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone loves a good wedding Except possibly the bride and groom who spend the day in such an overexcited frenzy that they can t remember it And the bridesmaids who are forced to wear ill fitting peach taffeta so as not to outshine the bride And the best man who has to make a terrifying speech in front of a room of drunken people he s never met before then fight off the attentions of the chief bridesmaid Oh and the father of the bride who has to pay through the nose for the whole thing br br Now in the bestselling Babylon tradition Imogen Edwards Jones lifts the lid on the excesses of the wedding industry The scams which inflate the prices of everything from flowers to cakes to marquee hire And the wedding disaster stories of high jinks at the altar and disastrous low comedy in the speeches The potential for things to go horribly horribly wrong is never higher than at a wedding br br Hilarious shocking and thoroughly entertaining i Wedding Babylon i is proof positive that the dream day is never far from becoming a nightmare

Pop Babylon

How do you make it as a pop star Why does one boy band make it big and another disappear off the pages of the magazines altogether Why do girls cost more than boys And who should you sleep with to get to number one br br Packed with scandal and intrigue i Pop Babylon i takes you to the dark heart of one of the world s most wicked and secretive industries It s a world where money talks bullshit walks and drugs are a way of life And where talent isn t always at the top of the list of priorities br br Tracking a year in the making of a brand new boy band i Pop Babylon i is pure unadulterated reading pleasure stuffed with stories about pop s most demanding divas which jocks do shock and just how long you can chop a line of cocaine Disgraceful revelatory and great down and dirty fun it s essential reading for anyone who wants to know what it really takes nowadays to be top of the pops

Restaurant Babylon

What makes a restaurant hot Whose name do you need to drop to get a table Why is one place booked solid for the next nine months while somewhere equally delicious is as empty and inhospitable as the Gobi desert br br Welcome to the restaurant business where the hours are punishing the conditions are brutal and the Chef s Special has been languishing at the back of the fridge for the past three days br br This is an industry plagued with obsessives Why else do some chefs drive themselves crazy in pursuit of elusive Michelin stars when in reality all they re doing is making someone else s tea br br Nothing is left to chance the lighting the temperature or even the cut of the salmon fillet There s even a spot of psychology behind the menu What do they want you to order What makes them the most money And why should you really hold back on those side dishes br br In i Restaurant Babylon i Imogen Edwards Jones and her anonymous industry insider lift the lid on all the tricks of the food trade and what really makes this billion a year industry tick So please do sit down pour yourself some heavily marked up wine and make yourself comfortable although we ll need that table back by sharp

Tuscany for Beginners

Oh the dream of escaping to Italy and the nightmare of reality br i br i Belinda Smith has found her very own i i Tuscan i i valley in the sun having abandoned a dreary cheating husband and an even drearier English town Running Casa Mia her own too too divine bed and breakfast everything is coming up sunflowers and olive groves for La Contessa i i of the Valley Life couldn t be more perfecto br br Until that is the arrival of Lauren a beautiful feisty Wall Street ball breaker who has the gall to announce her plans to open a new B amp B A place just like Belinda s only much more glamorous Even worse Lauren whose charmingly calculated smile Belinda recognizes as quite like her own threatens Belinda s existence as the epicenter of all things ex patriot in the valley br br Have Belinda s fabulous days of ruling supreme in this corner of the world come to an end Will the carnivorous Lauren consume Belinda s dreams al fresco Will Lauren s gorgeous son Kyle steal Belinda s lovely overworked daughter away from home and hearth who will do the cleaning for God s sake War has come to lovely Tuscany let the fur and focaccia fly

In Bed With...: Jessica Adams, Imogen Edwards Jones, Maggie Alderson, Kathy Lette

Designed to tantalise and tease these quirky adult only tales are sensual and surprising always imaginative and unashamedly risqu Featuring a sex addict a Spanish percussionist a topless gardener a Kiwi farm hand virgins prostitutes ballerinas college research assistants new ladettes and a spanking dominatrix these racy affairs illicit liaisons and kinky propositions will have you hot bothered and maybe in need of a lie down br br br So slip under the covers with award winning bestselling writers Jessica Adams Maggie Alderson Emma Darwin Louise Doughty Stella Duffy Imogen Edwards Jones Esther Freud Joanne Harris Linda Jaivin Rachel Johnson Tobsha Learner Kathy Lette Emily Maguire Chris Manby Jane Moore Adele Parks Justine Picardie Bella Pollen Helen Razer Santa Sebag Montefiore Ali Smith Joan Smith Emma Tom Daisy Waugh and Fay Weldon br br br But there s a kinky twist to protect their identities each writer uses an x rated pseudonym the name of their first pet and first street Can you work out is who And who wrote what br br Anney Shenton Cat Devonshire Samantha Sutton Place Rosa Mundi Dixie Athel Sunset Proudfoot Dora Berggasse Ruffy Sante Marie Marmalade Bates Harriet Peters Symphony Meritt Bunty B Road Quaver Coverdale Cassandra Bedwell Minxy Malone Patch O Gilby Storm Henley Bunny Princess Kitten Montauk Olivia Painswick Tutty Monmouth Pom Pom Paradise Casius Priory Quincey Park br br br Entertaining and wickedly erotic In Bed With is a naughty collection of fiction provocateur guaranteed to have you blushing Read it in bed read it alone or with someone you desire