A Conspiracy A cover up And a whistle blower You think you know who to trust You re wrong Untouchable is a chillingly dark psychological thriller from the No Bestselling Author of Look Behind You br br It s Maya and Jamie s anniversary and she waits with excitement for him to return home for a celebratory dinner There s a knock at the door It s the police Jamie has been found hanging in a local wood br br His death is ruled a suicide but Maya doesn t believe Jamie would take his own life Something isn t right Someone has broken into her house Someone is watching her And someone has gone to great lengths to cover up what Jamie was doing before he died br br Maya s grief turns to suspicion and as she begins to investigate the weeks leading up to Jamie s death her trail leads her to a place known as The Big House and the horrific secrets within Secrets people will stop at nothing to keep hidden People linked to the heart of the Establishment who think they re untouchable br br Now Maya has a dangerous decision to make How far is she prepared to go to reveal the truth

Look Behind You

Chloe Benson wakes up kidnapped and bound in an underground tomb with no memory of how she got there br br She escapes through deserted woods with her life but no one believes her story br br And when she suspects her husband is lying to her Chloe is forced to retrace her past following in her own footsteps to find the truth and stay alive br br But who is following Chloe br br Look Behind You You never know who s out there

Where the Memories Lie

Twenty five years ago Katie ran away from home and never came back But now she s suddenly reappeared in her best friend Olivia s life in the form of a chilling confession Olivia s father in law wracked with guilt says he murdered her all those years ago Tom suffers from Alzheimer s and his story is riddled with error and confusion Except for one terrifying certainty he knows where the body is buried br br As Olivia and the police piece together the evidence they are left with one critical question They have a crime they have a confession and now they have a body but can any of it be trusted


b There are three sides to every story Yours Mine And the truth b br br Max and Alissa have a fairy tale life newlywed madly in love and enviously rich Then Max is brutally stabbed to death at their home and Alissa miraculously escapes with her life But why was she spared br br The hunt for the killer begins uncovering a number of leads was Max s incredible wealth the motive Had his shady business practices finally caught up with him Or was it a stalker with a dangerous obsession br br Devoted friends rally around gentle sweet Alissa as she is left to mourn the loss of her husband and pick up her life But not everyone is who they seem Deep rooted jealousies secrets and twisted love lie just beneath the surface and not all fairy tales have a happy ending br br i Duplicity i is a suspenseful thriller from the bestselling author of i Look Behind You i and i Where the Memories Lie i

Trafficked: The Diary of a Sex Slave

My name is Elena and I used to be a human being Now I am a sex slave br If you are reading this diary then I am either dead or I have managed to escape br br br br Trafficked The Diary of a Sex Slave is a gritty gripping and tear jerking novella inspired by real victims accounts and research into the sex trafficking underworld It s been listed as one of the Top Books About Human Rights by Accredited Online Colleges br br It is estimated that people are trafficked across international borders every year of these are women and girls Source U S Department of State Trafficking in Persons Report

Beneath the Surface

b Dean Hudson didn t look evil so what could drive an ordinary boy to kill b br br When the teenage son of Holly Gold s school friend brutally murders his parents before killing himself her sleepy home town is rocked by the sudden tragedy br br Appalled Holly investigates What could have caused the happy go lucky boy she remembers to commit such a heinous crime When another teen commits suicide she uncovers a horrifying link between the recent deaths and a dark conspiracy to hide the truth br br But someone doesn t want Holly asking questions and as she hunts for evidence to prove her theory she s dragged into a nightmare that threatens her life and her sanity Then tragedy strikes again and this time it s closer to home br br i Beneath the Surface i is a gripping psychological suspense thriller from the bestselling author of i Duplicity i i Look Behind You i and i Where the Memories Lie i

Fashion, Lies, and Murder (Amber Fox, #1)

Amber Fox has been making too many mistakes lately and something s got to give br br For starters Amber accidentally shoots Chief Inspector Janice Skipper and gets thrown off the police force The only one who knows the truth about the incident is Amber but no one will believe her br br After accepting a job as an insurance investigator from her ex fianc Brad Beckett it turns out that Brad thinks they ve still got unfinished business and the job description includes sexual favours that come with a price br br When fashion designer Umberto Fandango goes missing Amber becomes embroiled in a complicated case But Amber s arch enemy Chief Inspector Skipper is also investigating his disappearance and it s a race against time for Amber to solve the mystery before Skipper does and get her old job back And just when Amber thinks things can t get any worse she s being stalked by some crazy mobsters br br Who is Umberto Fandango Is he dead And can Amber stay one step ahead and stay alive

Fourteen Days Later (Helen Grey, #1)

Fourteen Days Later was short listed for the Harry Bowling Prize and received a Highly Commended by the Yeovil Literary Prize It is a romantic comedy with a unique infusion of British and Turkish Cypriot culture Written in a similar style to Marian Keyes it is My Big Fat Greek Wedding meets Bridget Jones br br When accident prone Helen Grey finds a thong stuffed into the pocket of her boyfriend s best work trousers it s time for her to move on His excuse that he needed to dust the photocopier and just thought that it was a rag sounds like a lame excuse br br Helen s life is propelled in an unexpected direction after her best friend Ayshe sets her a fourteen day life changing challenge Helen receives a task everyday which she must complete without question The tasks are designed to build her confidence and boost her self esteem but all they seem to do is push her closer to Ayshe s brother Kalem br br How will Kalem and Helen get together when she s too foolish to realize that she loves him How can he fall for her when he is too busy falling prey to her mishaps and too in love with his own perfect girlfriend How will Kalem s Turkish Cypriot family react when they find out br br Is it really possible to change your life in fourteen days

Money, Lies, and Murder (Amber Fox, #2)

Previously published as Be Careful What You Wish For br br Armed with cool sarcasm and uncontrollable hair feisty insurance investigator Amber Fox is back in a new mystery combining murder and mayhem with romance and laughter br br Three deaths A safety deposit box robbery The boxing heavyweight champion of the world Somehow they re all related and it s up to Amber to solve a four year old crime to find out why Only she stumbles across a trail of dead bodies and a web of lies spanning both sides of the social divide this case starts to get personal Someone thinks Amber s poking her nose in where it s not wanted sparking off a deadly game of fox and mouse only this time Amber s the mouse Out of options Amber is forced to take refuge in the home of her ex fianc Brad Beckett and now it s not just the case that s heating up br br All Levi Carter wanted to be was the boxing heavyweight champion of the world but at what cost All Carl Thomas wanted was to be rich but would his greed be his downfall br All Brad Beckett wants is to get Amber back but there s a reason for the ex word And all Amber wants is to get out of this investigation alive

Voodoo, Lies, and Murder (Amber Fox, #3)

Formerly published as Voodoo Deadly br br Feisty insurance investigator Amber Fox is back in her deadliest case ever br br When Chantal Langton the daughter of a famous voodoo high priestess goes missing is it a simple case of a rich girl looking for adventure or is it something more sinister Amber Fox aims to find out and soon finds herself slap bang in the middle of voodoo curses a trail of missing women and a labyrinth of deceit And if that wasn t enough her ex fianc turned boss turned fianc again is pressing her to set the wedding date Can Amber find Chantal and hunt down a cold blooded killer or will she become the prey this time