Killer Hair (Crime of Fashion, #1)

Lacey Smithsonian reports weekly Crimes of Fashion in Washington DC home of helmet hairdo and Congressional comb over Her hairstylist Stella gets her to investigate suicides stylists Angie and Tammi both had long hair razored off missing and connections to sex scandal gal Marcia Radford security Vic and crime reporter Tony compete

Designer Knockoff (Crime of Fashion, #2)

When fashion columnist Lacey Smithsonian learns that a new fashion museum will soon grace decidedly unfashionable D C it s more than a good story it s a chance to show off her vintage Hugh Bentley suit And it s not long before the dapper designer himself spots Lacey in the crowd A reporter at heart she manages to get all the juicy details about his past including a long unsolved mystery about a missing employee Could it be linked to the disappearance of a Washington intern or the recent Bentley boutique robbery Lacey sets out to unravel the murderous details in a fabric of lies greed and gasp very bad taste

Hostile Makeover (Crime of Fashion, #3)

As makeover madness sweeps the nation s capital reporter Lacey Smithsonian interviews TV show makeover success story Amanda Manville But with Amanda s beauty comes a beast in the form of a stalker with vicious intentions and Lacey may be the only one who can stop him

Raiders of the Lost Corset (Crime of Fashion, #4)

Lacey can t wait to see France for the first time with friend Magda Rousseau corset creator for Washington D C s wealthiest and kinkiest Ostensibly seeking Paris fashion as haute couture reporter on budget of i The Eye i news her real search is for a gem lined corset stolen from a Russian princess by Magda s Latvian ancestor soldier in massacre br br When Magda dies from poison Lacey and her best friend Stella search a nailed shut coal cellar in France overseen by British jewel thief Nigel Griffin and Texas aficionado ex KGB Gregor Kepelov Lacey is chloroformed after finding a torn scrip signed by another of the Latvian soldiers Who can they trust and where can they go next

Grave Apparel (Crime of Fashion, #5)

strong SWEATERGATE strong br br The em Eye Street Observer em s resident sourpuss Cassandra Wentworth made enemies with her editorial skewering of tacky holiday sweaters Cassandra wouldn t be caught dead in a red and green cardigan yet Lacey finds the woman bleeding and unconscious wearing an acrylic number that practically sings Deck the Halls A homeless child who witnessed the assault mysteriously disappears and could be the attacker s next victim When suspicion falls on the em Eye em s food editor Lacey is torn between two coworkers Or is someone trying to pull the wool over her eyes It s a case that only the ever fashionable Lacey can unravel

Armed and Glamorous (Crime of Fashion, #6)

b Trench coats hot or not br br The author of i Grave Apparel i proves you can solve mysteries without sacrificing style b br br Unchallenged and unappreciated fashion reporter Lacey Smithsonian slips on her trench coat and high heeled gumshoes to pursue a course in private investigation and a shot at a better job br br When a wealthy and erratic D C socialite is discovered quite dead outside the classroom Lacey gets to test those sleuthing skills Was the victim on her way to share a dangerous secret with Smithsonian And what does it have to do with a missing Louis Vuitton vintage custom makeup case br br Lacey must mix style with substance to unravel these tangled threads before she or one of her best friends gets caught in the sights of a cold blooded killer br br

Shot Through Velvet (Crime of Fashion, #7)

Fashion reporter Lacey Smithsonian is touring a failing velvet factory in Virginia on its final day of operations and finds one of the factory owners dead lashed to a spool of velvet and soaked in blue dye The workers are delighted since they blamed the Blue Devil for killing their jobs p But when another nickname the Velvet Avenger makes the rounds and ribbons of blue velvet start popping up it could be more than Lacey s job at stake it could be her life p

Death on Heels (A Crime of Fashion Mystery #8)

Never D C style scribe Lacey Smithsonian always swore she would never go back back to Sagebrush Colorado that scruffy hard luck Western boomtown where she d earned her reporter s spurs But then three young women are murdered their bodies left barefoot on lonely country roads and the accused is her old boyfriend Sagebrush rancher Cole Tucker Lacey cowgirls up and heads out West in her best cowboy boots to prove Tucker s innocence And perhaps to resolve the last of her old feelings for the man she had loved and left Naturally Lacey s plan doesn t sit well with her current beau private investigator Vic Donovan who has his own history and game plan in Sagebrush br br Tucker takes one look at Lacey and kicks over everyone s game plan He abducts her in a daring courthouse escape into the badlands of northern Colorado On the run from the law with her old flame in stolen vehicles and on horseback with Vic and the posse in pursuit Lacey s world turns upside down Who can she trust Tucker or Vic The law or her own feelings and her reporter s instincts Caught between two men with a vicious killer on her trail Death on Heels is a whole new and potentially fatal frontier for this fashion reporter

Veiled Revenge (A Crime of Fashion Mystery, #9)

i Home of the helmet hairdo and congressional comb over Washington D C is a hotbed of fashion faux pas If anyone should know it s Crimes of Fashion columnist Lacey Smithsonian She dishes out advice to the scandal scorched and clothing clueless doing her part to change this town one fashion victim at a time br br i b SHAWL TALE br br b Washington D C fashion reporter Lacey Smithsonian has always believed clothes can be magical but she s never thought they can be cursed Until now Lacey s best friend Stella is finally getting married and at her bachelorette party fellow bridesmaid and fortune teller Marie Largesse arrives with a stunning Russian shawl A shawl Marie warns that can either bless or curse the wearer When a party crasher who mocks the shawl is found dead the next day the other guests fear the curse has been unleashed But Lacey has her doubts and she must employ all her Extra Fashionary Perception to capture a villain who has vowed that nobody at this wedding will live happily ever after

Lethal Black Dress (A Crime of Fashion Mystery, #10)

When does a little black dress become a lethal black dress When it becomes unexpectedly weaponized at the most security conscious event in Washington D C the fabled White House Correspondents Dinner Fashion reporter Lacey Smithsonian is delighted to finally take her place at the legendary D C insider bash but she senses something is amiss with a pushy TV reporter s vintage Madame X gown with its stunning emerald lining When the woman takes a tumble with a tray of champagne and dies of something other than embarrassment Lacey taps into her ExtraFashionary Perception and follows her hunch that this was no freak accident Juggling her investigation with her love life and future in laws complicates matters while spies and lies and an enemy close to home bring Lacey face to face with danger and jealousy the green eyed monster But this time will the style sleuth discover that green is also the color of death This book is the th in the Crime of Fashion Mysteries