The Best American Poetry 1995

i The Best American Poetry i once again highlights the dazzling spectrum of style and subject matter to be found in the art today Guest editor Richard Howard s accent is on discovery and surprise and he has gleaned the most inventive and searching writing from a wide variety of literary journals The themes and imagery here are indisputably American as our best poets continue to mine personal as well as communal experience for their work Now in its eighth year this series has established itself as a rich and vibrant source of new poetry celebrated in bookstores and on college campuses Welcome once again the memorable voices and unique pleasures of i Best American Poetry i br Featuring br Margaret Atwood br Sally Ball br Catherine Bowman br Stephanie Brown br Lewis Buzbee br Cathleen Calbert br Rafael Campo br William Carpenter br Nicholas Christopher br Jane Cooper br James Cummins br Olena Kalytiak Davis br Lynn Emanuel br Elaine Equi br Irving Feldman br Donald Finkel br Aaron Fogel br Richard Frost br Allen Ginsberg br Peter Gizzi br Jody Gladding br Elton Glaser br Albert Goldbarth br Beckian Fritz Goldberg br Laurence Goldstein br Barbara Guest br Marilyn Hacker br Judith Hall br Anthony Hecht br Edward Hirsch br Janet Holmes br Andrew Hudgins br T R Hummer br Brigit Pegeen Kelly br Karl Kirchwey br Carolyn Kizer br Wayne Koestenbaum br John Koethe br Yusef Komunyakaa br Maxine Kumin br Lisa Lewis br Rachel Loden br Robert Hill Long br James Longenbach br Gail Mazur br J D McClatchy br Heather McHugh br Susan Musgrave br Charles North br Geoffrey O Brien br Jacqueline Osherow br Molly Peacock br Carl Phillips br Marie Ponsot br Bin Ramke br Katrina Roberts br Michael J Rosen br Kay Ryan br Mary Jo Salter br Tony Sanders br Stephen Sandy br Grace Schulman br Robyn Selman br Alan Shapiro br Reginald Shepherd br Anglea Sorby br Laurel Trivelpiece br Paul Violi br Arthur Vogelsang br David Wagoner br Charles H Webb br Ed Webster br David Wojahn br Jay Wright br Stephen Yenser

Inner Voices: Selected Poems, 1963-2003

The poems of Richard Howard are noted for their unique dramatic force and for preserving in their graceful exquisitely wrought lines human utterance at its most urbane i Inner Voices i the first volume to draw together material from Howard s twelve books of poems leaves no doubt as to why he has been called a powerful presence in American poetry for years i The New York Times Book Review i

Bonaparte's Sons

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Without Saying

In Richard Howard s new collection voices of myth and memory prevail if only by means of prevarication the voice of Medea s mother trying to explain her daughter s odd behavior to an indiscreet interviewer or first and last the voice of Henry James late in life faced with the disputed prospect of meeting L Frank Baum and then later on managing not only Maeterlinck s Blue Bird but his own unruly cast of characters including Mrs Wharton and young Hugh Walpole Richard Howard s honors include the Pulitzer Prize the PEN Medal for Translation and grants from the Guggenheim and MacArthur foundations

Bonaparte's Warriors

During four years of uneasy peace France has seen many chances Alain Lausard and his companions have become part of Bonaparte s Grand Armee but there are those who still oppose Bonaparte and his regime When the leading conspirator flees Lausard is despatched to bring him back for trial

Bonaparte's Invaders

French troops leave Toulon harbour in May unaware of their ultimate destination Barely months after taking Rome Napoleon Bonaparte has rewarded the finest regiments of that campaign with a place among the Army of Orient the elite invasion force bound for Egypt By the time the discontented ranks of Alain Lausard s cavalry unit have staggered starved and exhausted upon the desert shores his dragoons have more than glory to fight for Worn down by the blistering heat they summon unknown strengths to resist the Arab warrior raids that blight their path towards the Nile but as they are drawn deeper into forbidding territory despair and disease Nelson s destruction of the French fleet and Bonaparte s obsessive war mongering convinces Lausard he will never see Paris again

Talking Cures

Poetry Howard s title for his new collection is the old name for psychoanalysis and alludes to the therapeutic powers of speech under controlled circumstances For the most part these poems are spoken out of a solitude into a solitude but passing through a company of some order some chaos There are a number of the poet s ecphrastic studies to be expected in any of Howard s books since his Pulitzer Prize collection Untitled Subejcts and an ecphrastic variation five poems spoken by early twentieth century masters James Conrad Meredith Kipling Cather about movies they have seen in certain cases from the Other Side and regarded with varying suspicion Other works by Richard Howard TRAPPINGS and IF I DREAM I HAVE YOU I HAVE YOU are also available from SPD

A Progressive Education

How extraordinary that the only poetry collection devoted to the trials and tribulations of an entire class of sixth graders is written by the eighty five year old MacArthur Grant and Pulitzer Prize winning poet Richard Howard br br Although loosely based on the poet s own progressive education in Cleveland Ohio in the s the poems are set mostly in the present day br br Richard Howard is a poet of personality of history and of a sensibility rooted in knowledge In his fifteenth collection Howard captivates the reader as he and the class grapple with science and literature teacher and principal and the hard facts and comic fancies of life itself br br br

Untitled Subjects

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Bonaparte's Horsemen

Anxious to cement his growing power in Europe Napoleon Bonaparte leads his victorious army against the forces of Tsar Alexander in Poland The horrific Battle of Eylau is fought in blinding snow and the French are only saved by the greatest cavalry charge in military history as Lausard and ten thousand French horsemen turn the tide of the conflict But for the first time ever the Grande Armee faces defeat As summer approaches they gather themselves for the next phase of the campaign which has already claimed so many lives