Slave to Fashion

Fashion college has taught Katie Castle everything she ever needed to know how to smoke cigarettes and drink how to flirt with gay men and straight women how to get into clubs without paying Possessed of a sharp eye and a stiletto tongue Katie talks her way into the job of her dreams Working for chic designer Penny Moss Katie snags not only a town house in London s Primrose Hill but also a cute fianc Ludo who happens to be Penny s son But one act of libidinal folly with the company delivery driver costs Katie everything job boyfriend flat friends Will she be forced to move back with her sartorially challenged parents Or can she maneuver a return to fashion that somehow doesn t involve gasp retail br br Rebecca Campbell has invented a wisecracking heroine who ll keep you laughing right up to the last page Katie s misfortune will be your delight as this irrepressible wit carpe diems herself into a set of adventures that once again propels her to the top b Slave to Fashion b marks the arrival of an uncommonly smart and very funny new writer br br br i From the Trade Paperback edition i

The Marriage Diaries

Brutally honest and wonderfully witty The Marriage Diaries had me laughing and crying often at the same time br Gemma Townley author of Little White Lies br br br Meet Sean and Celeste living proof that opposites attract br br Savvy and sophisticated Celeste is a top clothing buyer in London Sean is a scruffy eccentric writer turned stay at home dad who courtesy of the couple s toddler has mastered the art of changing stinky diapers Needing to be seen if only by himself as more than just a drool spattered Mr Mom Sean begins a hilarious journal detailing the ridiculous wondrous and sometimes salacious aspects of being a househusband including such juicy tidbits as his growing attraction to the beautiful Uma Thursday a single mother from his son s play group br br But when Celeste stumbles upon Sean s secret entries she s dismayed to discover she s opened a Pandora s box on her marriage Hardly the kind of girl to take a straying husband lying down she devises a scheme of her own and the twin strands of the will they won t they plot become ever more entangled Can love trump lust Can fidelity conquer passion Or will the destructive forces of untrammeled desire wreck what may just be for all its faults the perfect marriage br br With sparkling wit and characters who leap off the page Rebecca Campbell has crafted a brilliant and utterly winning novel about vows straying and finding a way home

Slave to Love

Chapter One br Toffs and Tarts br br Alice Duclos walked down a street so grand it made her feel like a child lost in a cathedral The buildings themselves seemed to peer disapprovingly at her arching their eyebrows haughtily at the presence of such an unfamiliar creature Wherever she looked there were shop windows bearing diamonds rubies emeralds Other windows were draped with elegant sinister furs some she saw with a shudder still in possession of their foxy little faces and shining eyes The poised and exquisite mannequins gazing out from the fashion boutiques made her feel drab despite the new suit that had cost more than her total clothing bud get for the preceding four years Her mother Kitty had found the money somehow not out of generosity because that wasn t Kitty s way but because of the shame she would have felt had Alice gone to work wearing her usual ill matched collection of garments loose where they should cling pinching where they should drape br br The men and women in the street all seemed so tall so important so confident shining with the radiance of the rich They all knew precisely where they were going and what to do when they got there br br For the fiftieth time Alice cursed herself for allowing this to happen Things had seemed so clear and straightforward at university She knew what she wanted from life and she knew how to achieve it But then Kitty had become increasingly eccentric impossible ill Alice s dream of research of islands of science had melted away leaving only the need for the time being at least to look after Kitty and that meant a job a real job in the real world with real money br br She stubbed her toe on an uneven paving stone Drat she said as she saw that she had forgotten to put on her new shoes She was wearing a favorite old pair brown comfy about as fashionable as cellulite She blushed slightly and blushed more because of the embarrassment of blushing in a place like this a place where people didn t blush She put her head down allowing her thick dark hair to fall over her face and hurried on br br She didn t notice the stares of the men that she passed didn t begin to discern the complexity of the response she was getting First the quick glance poised on the brink of dismissal Then a longer look as they approached And then after they had passed the pause eyes wide in something like wonder something like joy She did not notice the carpenter perched high on his scaffolding who raised his fingers to his lips preparing a purely conventional wolf whistle only to leave them suspended there as though eating a slice of invisible cake br br She arrived Seven steps up to a door high and wide enough to admit a knight on horseback This was not just a new job for Alice it was her first proper job and the fear and excitement tingled like acid rain on her skin br br Books she said to the cruel looking woman at reception The Books