17th-Century Men's Dress Patterns

This newest addition to the Victoria and Albert Museum s series on historical dress patterns presents full instructions for the making of men s historical garments in a technically accurate visually exciting step by step format The book delves into the intricate detail of the techniques involved in historical tailoring and dressmaking Scale patterns precise construction diagrams an abundance of informative details and x ray photographs that reveal the hidden structure of each piece are accompanied by color photography of the whole garment br br br Edited by the world s leading authorities on historical tailoring em th Century Men s Dress Patterns em surveys the masculine wardrobe in England during the early seventeenth century It features twelve chapters each dedicated to one garment including an ensemble of doublet and breeches three doublets a cloak a hat a night cap and a night cap liner a picadil a pair of mittens a sword girdle and hangers and a linen stocking Chapters on tailoring dressing and inventories of men s dress provide key historical context Like its predecessors this book promises to be a unique resource for costume designers dress and social historians students and fashion enthusiasts alike

The Wakers: Revised Edition

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Blood in the Street

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Historical Fashion in Detail: The 17th and 18th Centuries

This sumptuously illustrated book offers the first up close view of the richness and variety of historical dress of the th and th centuries Drawn from the Victoria and Albert Museum s world famous collection these garments display skills that are now lost yet continue to inspire today s leading designers br br Much of the finery seen here is too fragile to be on permanent display or its detail too intricate to be captured in conventional photography Jacobean blackwork neoclassical tambour work exquisite stitching and knife sharp pleats are pictured in stunning photographs alongside such unusual techniques as stamping pinking and slashing many of which are rarely employees in the modern world as they require labor intensive handwork impossible to replicate by machine br br With line drawings showing the construction of the complete garment and a text that sets each in the context of its time this book is a visual feast for all fashion lovers and an essential resource for curators collectors students costumers and designers

Seventeenth-Century Women's Dress Patterns: Book 1 (Women's Dress Patterns 1)

This innovative and breathtakingly detailed book from the V amp A presents dress patterns construction details embroidery and making instructions including a knitting pattern and lacemaking for garments and accessories from a th century British woman s wardrobe Step by step drawings of the construction sequence and scale patterns for each garment enable readers to accurately reconstruct them There are scale diagrams for making linen and metal thread laces silk braids and embroidery designs Multiple photographs close up construction details and X ray photography reveal the hidden elements of the clothes the number of layers and the stitches used inside This first book in a new series takes the physical examination and study of historical clothing to a new depth and degree of detail using the expertise of designers tailors and makers from London s Shakespeare s Globe Theatre

Style & Splendor: The Wardrobe of Queen Maud of Norway 1896-1938

The appeal of Queen Maud s wardrobe is immediate apart from its intrinsic quality it documents an extraordinary era of fashion history from the decorative but elaborate dress of the Victorian era to the streamlined chic of the s clothes for the modern working monarch It encompasses the public and private like no other collection from sumptuous state gowns and elegant evening dresses for official occasions to her riding habits winter sportswear and simple tailored suits for afternoons in the garden with her grandchildren Maud engaged with contemporary fashion throughout her long life and commissioned many of the great designers of the day notably Worth Blancquaert and Morin Blossier Her wardrobe illustrates the impeccable standards of couture dressmaking and tailoring of the period Style and Splendour showcases some of the most spectacular garments now in the collection of the National Museum of Art Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Oslo and sets them clearly in the context of Queen Maud s life and times

Willa & Marie: Poems From A Nursing Home

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Fashion in Detail: 1600 - 1800

This beautifully illustrated book reveals the decorative seams refined stitching voluptuous drapery strict corseting slashing and stamping that make up some of the garments in the Victoria and Albert Museum s superlative fashion collection With an authoritative text exquisite color photography of garment details and line drawings showing the complete construction of each piece the reader has the unique opportunity to examine up close historical clothing that is often too fragile to be on display It is an inspirational resource for students collectors designers and anyone who is fascinated by fashion and clothing br br br This new edition features an updated design improved navigation a comprehensive index and an introduction that sets the examples in full historical context