Complete Guide to Film Scoring

An essential resource for both students and professionals offering shrewd insight into the business process and art of writing music for film and TV Interviews with top film scoring professionals add the priceless insight of the wisdom that comes with experience

The Liberal Soul: Applying the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Politics

i The Liberal Soul i offers something lacking in LDS culture That is the presentation of a different way for Latter day Saints to examine the question of how to be faithful disciples of Christ and good citizens It shows public policy decision making regarding government role as the manifestation of the liberal soul rather than as the libertarianism advocated by past Mormon speakers and writers such as Ezra Taft Benson Cleon Skousen or Vern Andersen It also takes a different approach from the less radical but still traditional economic conservative attitudes of well known politicians such as Orrin Hatch or Mitt Romney br br Davis suggests that a Latter day Saint can approach economic policy war the environment and social issues with the perspective that society is basically good and not evil tolerance and forbearance are desirable qualities instead of bad ones and that government can and does play a positive role as a vehicle of society in improving the lives of citizens He describes how Latter day Saints can apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our roles at each of these three levels individual group and society rather than assuming the societal level violates the principles of the Gospel The result is that Latter day Saints can help bring about a Zion society one where all benefit the most vulnerable are aided and not ignored inclusion is the rule and not the exception and suspicion and fear are replaced by love and acceptance

Becoming an Orchestral Musician: A Guide for Aspiring Professionals

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The Night Before Christmas, 1914

A thought provoking adaptation of the classic poem based upon the events of the Christmas Truce of in the trenches of the First World War br br br T was the night before Christmas and across every trench br Not a soldier felt festive neither British nor French br Whilst some of them whispered their solitary prayer br Others just hoped for an end to despair

All-Breed Dog Grooming

Grooming guide with specific instructions on how to groom different breeds

The Liberal party in Britain (1906-1924)

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Commando #4927: Survive The Somme

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Picturing The Nation: Iconographies Of Modern India

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Armada Sci-Fi 2

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Commando #5033: The Forgotten Fighters

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