The Christmas Story: From the Gospel According to St. Luke from the King James Bible

And she brought forth her firstborn son br and wrapped him in swaddling clothes br and laid him in a manger br because there was no room for them in the inn br p When all the world is to be taxed a carpenter named Joseph takes his pregnant wife Mary to a place called Bethlehem to deliver a miracle to the world This is the story of the birth of Jesus Christ taken directly from the Gospel according to St Luke in the King James Bible p p These simple yet profound words tell a powerful story of life love and hope while James Bernardin s stunning paintings masterfully transport us to this magical time and place The Christmas Story is the perfect way to share one of the most famous stories of all time with your family p

An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving morning is here and the Bassett family s cozy kitchen is filled with the hustle and bustle of the holiday But this year something is different Tilly Prue and their brothers and sisters have been left in charge of everything from the roasted turkey tothe apple slump They tie on their aprons and step into thekitchen but are they reallyup for the challenge of cooking a Thanksgiving feast br br In this stunning new edition of Louisa May Alcott s classic holiday tale James Bernardin s joyous illustrations bring the spirit of a truly old fashioned Thanksgiving to vibrant life

Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Secret UFOs

Everyone s favorite kid sleuth is back to solve ten new confounding cases br Encyclopedia Brown returns and with his uncanny knack for trivia he helps solve mysteries for the neighborhood kids through his detective agency But his dad is also the chief of the police department and every night Encyclopedia Brown helps him solve his most puzzling crimes Join Encyclopedia Brown here as he solves ten new and mysterious conundrums including a case of stolen medallions the secret of an old diary a case of a shipwreck and many more And with the clues given in each case readers can solve these mysteries too br

Yes, Virginia: There Is a Santa Claus

In eight year old Virginia O Hanlon wrote the New York em Sun em to ask a simple question Is there a Santa Claus The editor s response was a stirring defense of hope generosity and the spirit of childhood His essay has been reprinted countless times since and the phrase Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus has become part of American Christmas lore br br Based on these actual events em Yes Virginia em is the story of a little girl who taught a city to believe

Would I Trade My Parents?

Full of fun whimsical details and a relatable cast of characters i Would I Trade My Parents i will resonate with parents and kids alike as readers remember why they would never trade their parents for the world br br What child hasn t thought about trading his or her parents for the ones next door Who wouldn t be discouraged if their parents didn t allow them to have pets or go camping or drink chocolate milk before dinner br br In the newest picture book by i New York Times i bestselling author Laura Numeroff a little boy ponders why his friends parents are so special and why sometimes he wishes he could trade But then he remembers his very own parents and all the amazing things that only they know how to do like the way they always read with him or leave notes in his lunch box or take him on family bike rides In fact his parents are the best of all br br br br F amp P level K br F amp P genre RF

Encyclopedia Brown Finds the Clues

Encyclopedia Brown is confronted with ten new cases Solutions are given in the back of the book

Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Midnight Visitor

An unexpected midnight quest br br A holdup at the First City Bank br br A stolen tennis racket br br Gerbils who paint in pairs br br and fifty mosquitoes netted at the Oddball Olympics br br These are just some of the ten brain twisting mysteries that Encyclopedia Brown must solve by using his famous computerlike brain Try to crack the cases along with him the answers to all the mysteries are found in the back

Horatio's One Wish: A Tale of One Heroic Hedgehog, Two Loyal Hamsters, and a Missing River Otter

Horatio has lived alone as long as he can remember His only friend is a river otter named Rollic who visits him nearly every day But when Rollic goes missing Horatio knows he must rescue him before it s too late With the help of hamster twins Whisklet and Whimser Horatio sets off on the adventure of a lifetime Along the way Horatio meets Leala a champion archer from the hedgehog village a village Horatio never knew existed Leala opens a door to a home Horatio has yearned for all his life Will Horatio continue on and risk his life to rescue his friend or will he follow Leala back to his long lost home

Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Dead Eagles

The solutions to ten mysteries solved by Leroy Encyclopedia Brown are given in a separate section challenging the reader to match wits with the ten year old mastermind of Idaville s war on crime

The Winter People

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